An amazing landscape of the true beauty and diversity exists in a little-known corner of South Eastern Arnhem Land. It is a vast area of over 2 million acres of wild bush. Home of some of the largest wild bovines in Australia.
This is as good as remote area hunting gets and its becoming a rarity in today’s ever progressive and developed world. It is a piece of wild paradise where buffalo, ox and other wild animals exist in harmony in an area the size of some small countries. Best of all it is devoid of mankind except for the native aboriginal Custodians. Hunters know the value in exploring and hunting such a vast and wild terrain. An average of 20 hunters per year over the last 30 years have enjoyed the Walker river experience. There is nothing quite like hunting alone in a region that has no physical boundaries. Being alone in the bush, miles from any roads or tracks, in the pursuit of a big bull buffalo has no parallel in the hunting world.
There is nothing quite like finding fresh tracks that spread greater than two 375 rounds side by side, knowing that at the end of these tracks there is a one ton buffalo. There is just no feeling like this. This is on the buffalos terms. It is real. It is a fair chase and it will test you.
I live this every day of my season and I see the excitement and tension that passes through every hunter at the moment of engagement. It is the reason we hunt, aside from the lifelong memories it creates.
I would like to acknowledge the aboriginal custodians who own this land that I hunt and have called home most of my professional life. For without their support and the support of you the hunter this area would not be as wild and beautiful as it is today.

Simon Kyle-Little
Professional Hunter


Arnhemland Size ​- 37000 Sq Miles (23,680,000 acres)
Hunt Concession Size​ - 4554 Sq Miles (2,914,460 acres)
Status​​​ - 23 Million acres unfenced
Topography​​ - Coastal Zone
Major Rivers​​ - Walker River, Rose River
Area comprises: Swamps, floodplains, mangroves, coastal jungle, sand dunes, beaches, offshore Islands, Eucalypt/Melaluca swamp forest

Inland Zone comprises: Open wooded savanna, thick brush and rugged escarpment

Buffalo habitat all of the above

Hunt conditions - mostly flat terrain, multiple buffalo trails covering the entire region with extensive creeks and waterholes
Average Hunt Walking distance 4 to 6 miles
Access by 4wd, quad bike or boat. Buffalo trails used for easy access. Use of GPS and maps to directly access remote waterholes
Multiple hunts may be conducted daily depending on conditions, game movement etc
Shooting distance is often at close quarters and offhand shooting at distances of 50 yds or less is essential
In thick bush, back up shots are often not possible, so the first shot counts
Care will be taken to ensure a good shooting position

Average visibility​Open bush 80 -100 yds
​​​Thick bush 0 -30 yds

Note: Most large old trophy buffalo are solitary and confined to the remote inland parts of the concession or in the thickets of the coastal zone

Special Note:
Walker River camp is booked for single groups only. We avoid crossover hunting with multiple groups in camp. In our 4 months season we average 10 to 12 hunts during this period. With few hunters annually we have a consistent good trophy quality. Simon Kyle-Little and 2 experienced guides are personally involved in all hunts
Every guide has an intimate knowledge of the game and the region.



Hunt Concession Size: 5940 Sq Miles – 3,801,600 Acres
Camel Species: Dromedary camel
Size: Largest of all camels at over 6ft shoulder height and 1200lb.
Our second great wilderness area exists in the Pitjinjara Lands in Northern South Australia. These lands cover the expanse of the Great Victoria Desert of Central Australia. This offers another unparalleled experience in Australia’s wild outback. Once again a true wilderness region where you will camp under the stars and hunt where few people have been. This area is still like it was decades ago with large bull camels roaming the endless landscape. Their ability to do without water makes for a challenging hunt indeed, given the vastness of this concession. It is an experience that will bring you to another unique and untouched wilderness. An experience you will not want to miss. The only place in the world where wild camels exist with wild characteristics and in a true wild environment that is the Australian Outback.




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